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Game prediction: Boise State 58, NMSU 0

Does our game prediction look familiar?

58-0 was the score of last season's Bronco game against the Aggies, and as far as we can tell, this Broncos team is better than last year's version and this NMSU team is worse. They should be glad we didn't say 77-0.

Of course, picking such a huge blowout is rather silly of us. The Broncos are on the road, where they tend to struggle. The offense hasn't scored more than 37 points since the Idaho State game. And ... um ... er ... NMSU's passing out cowbells at the game? Those are annoying, right?

The fact of the matter is that the Bronco offense is due for a breakout game, and the Bronco defense has yet to let up all season long. Put two and two together and you might just get 58-0.

As far as the offense is concerned, we are firm believers that the run game is what makes any offense successful, and for the first time all season long, the Broncos are actually expected to dominate on the ground. The Aggie run defense is terrible, which will make the mediocre Boise State running game look great by comparison. If the Broncos can get Ian Johnson, Jeremy Avery, and company rolling up yards on the ground, the deep pass will open up, the play-action will provide big plays, and the running backs will be owning the game by the third and fourth quarters.

The Boise State defense should have fairly smooth sailing against the pass-happy Aggies. Since running the ball is always out of the question at NMSU, all the Broncos need to do is play the pass, and through their first seven games, playing the pass has been a specialty. We expect to see lots more of Jamar Taylor and the "dime" package, and it wouldn't surprise us if the Broncos decided to double WR Chris Williams. The only question, it would seem, is if Boise State chooses to blitz QB Chase Holbrook like crazy and force sacks or drop back into coverage and force interceptions. We're happy either way.

There are simply too many variables working against NMSU for them to make this game close. Injuries have left them thin at important positions on offense. They are coming off back-to-back losses, including last week at Idaho. Very few of the matchups in Saturday's game are in their favor. This one just has the feel of a Bronco blowout.

It wouldn't be the first time.

Here are some more predictions for Saturday's game:

  • Jeremy Avery will rush for 100 yards, but Ian Johnson will score three TDs.

  • Chase Holbrook will not last the entire game either due to injury, blowout, ineffectiveness, or all three at the same time.

  • The award for best homecoming float will go to the School of Business Beet. The Kinesiology Irrigation System float will be a distant runner-up.

  • The Aggies' pass-run ratio will be at least 10:1 and probably more like 20:1.

  • Hal Mumme's halftime speech will involve ample doses of "coaching 'em up" and toweling off.

  • The Broncos will score 21 first quarter points.

  • We will see the all-freshman offense, defense, and special teams at some point. The all-graduate assistant coaching staff will take over in the fourth.

Feel free to leave your own score prediction in the comments, and to let us know what else you see happening on Saturday. Extra points to the person who accurately predicts the number of Mark Johnson hyperbole statements.