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Game prediction: Boise State 56, LaTech 14

Many people will look at this game as a possible stumbling block for the Broncos because of how much Louisiana Tech has improved.

These people would be dead wrong.

Or Statesman employees.

This line of reasoning fails to look at the most important part of tonight's game: the greatness of the Broncos. If Boise State has proven anything over the last three games, they have proven that they did not take a step back this year. In fact, this team might even be better than last year's team.

Obviously, this is bad news for the Bulldogs. When the schedules came out this summer, no doubt LaTech circled this game as a possible chance to make a statement and pull an upset. But after Boise State's strong wins over Bowling Green and Oregon, the Tech faithful have to be feeling significantly less confident about the chances of that upset happening.

We certainly don't see an upset tonight. In fact, we see the Broncos dominating in ways that they have yet to dominate this season. The LaTech defense is too soft to hang with the Bronco offense. The LaTech offense is too meager to do much against the Bronco "D." And the special teams for both schools will essentially be a wash.

Sorry, Bulldog fans. Better luck next year. (Not.)

Other predictions:

  • The Bronco offense will play all four quarters, albeit with backup quarterbacks once the game is out of hand.

  • Ian Johnson will rush for 100 yards...times two.

  • Derek Dooley will be outcoached.

  • Kyle Brotzman will make that swinging gate extra point try work if it's the last thing he does.

  • Titus Young will score a touchdown.

  • Titus Young will fumble.

  • Taylor Bennett will do that weak quarterback slide right in front of an oncoming Jeron Johnson. Bennett will then go to the sidelines to change his pants.