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Game-changing three-and-outs are Bronco specialty

Looking back on the Louisiana Tech - Boise State game, it is easy to see that the Bulldogs never had a chance. And even when the blowout was only in mid-blow, LaTech slowly and predictably gave up hope.

A Boise State team playing at home will do that to you. The Bulldogs knew coming into the game that the Bronco offense was going to score and that the Bronco defense was going to play tough. In other words, they knew that they wouldn't have a chance.

The most telling moment of the game might have been that first offensive series by the Techsters. After a Kellen Moore interception (we prefer to call it a charitable donation), the Bulldogs had good field position, momentum, and a chance to take the lead. Here's what they did with it.

  • One-yard rush.

  • Four-yard rush.

  • Two-yard rush.

  • Punt.

And that was the game. At the time, it may have appeared that the Bulldogs were just practicing some especially non-inventive playcalling, but what they were actually doing was throwing out all the stops. Derek Dooley is a smart man, and he knew that if his LaTech team was going to win, they would have to be able to rush for big yards between the tackles. Ipso facto, three consecutive running plays.

The Boise State defense was having none of that. Mike T. Williams and Ryan Winterswyk pinched in the ends, Steven Reveles plugged the middle, and Louisiana Tech realized the inevitable: this game was over. That three-and-out made it painfully apparent that for the Bulldogs to win, they were going to have to rely on the inadequate, inaccurate arm of Taylor Bennett.

And we all know how that ended.