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Fresno pulls a Fresno in true Fresno fashion

Fresno State wasted no time in partaking in its annual WAC collapse, losing 32-29 in overtime to Hawaii on Saturday night. The loss was completely expected for anyone who knows anything about Fresno State.

"Touchdown" Tom Brandstater threw zero touchdowns and three interceptions, helping contribute to the Bulldogs' grand total of six turnovers in the game. Yet in a bizarre world where Brandstater takes very little blame, the goat horns for the Bulldog loss have inexplicably rested on freshman kicker Kevin Goessling.

We'll let the Fresno Bee explain, through completely transparent emotions.

Oh, Goessling.

Not again.

The redshirt freshman kicker cracked under pressure for the second time this season -- and again in front of the home crowd.
Other Bulldog beat writers prefer to focus on the horridness of the entire special teams, not just Goessling.

It's not one man. Fresno State special teams has been down-trending as if it was related to the housing market.

But we all really know who is to blame. Brandstater completed just 50 percent of his passes for barely over 200 yards. The Hawaii defense is indeed stout, but they are stout in the front seven and not particularly in the secondary. Plus, it's not like he didn't have a running game to help him out. Fresno State, minus an injured Ryan Mathews, rolled up over 300 yards on the ground. All Brandstater had to do was show up and Fresno should have been able to come away with a win.

Obviously, as Bronco fans, we are glad that he didn't show. If he had, we wouldn't have been treated to posts like this:

No excuse for No. 21 'Dogs losing to a scantily talented Hawaii team in Bulldog Stadium, knocking themselves out of a top-25 ranking, ending all BCS bowl hopes, making the climb to the WAC title an uphill battle and making the program the butt of more playing-down-to-the-competition jokes for at least another year.

These sentiments were part of a post titled "Three worst moments in Fresno State history." As a cherry on the top of Fresno-bashing sundae, guess what was the No. 1 worst moment. Go ahead. Guess.
No. 8 Fresno State's 35-30 loss to Boise State in 2001.

This season just keeps getting better and better.

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