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Final score: Boise State 33, San Jose State 16

It was not pretty. In fact, it was quite painful.

But the Broncos took the best that the Spartans had and still came out with the 17-point win and a firm hold on first place in the WAC.

The game was full of penalties, mistakes, defense, and turnovers, which is probably why it took a good three-and-a-half hours to finish. The San Jose State defense kept the game close for three quarters, but they could only do so much. It was a good win for the Broncos because they were able to withstand an inspired conference opponent on the road even though BSU didn't play its best game.

But it's not like there wasn't anything to love. Here's a quick run-down of some random thoughts from our postgame imaginary diary.

Mark it down: Friday night, October 24th, Jeremy Avery passed Ian Johnson on the depth chart ... Austin Pettis jump balls should be the Broncos' new go-to play ... the gap between SJSU and Boise State is a lot bigger than it seemed ... could the Bronco defense have dropped more interceptions? we think not ... Ian Johnson's goalline fumble completely changed the complexion of the game ... Jeron Johnson's first personal foul didn't help, either ... a Jeremy Childs punt block? what's next? a Kellen Moore kickoff return TD? ... Had Avery not taken over on the ground, we're not sure how this thing would have turned out ... that Bronco offensive line is not good ... Coach Pete could outcoach Dick Tomey in his sleep, and he did, considering that Tomey looked asleep for most of the game ... Kellen Moore's pick-six was exactly what the Broncos needed to avoid ...

We'll have much more on Monday ... or earlier if we can't wait until then. See you then, everyone.