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Final score: Boise State 24, Southern Miss 7

Non-conference road game, schnon-conference road game. The Broncos dispensed with the Golden Eagles in rather easy fashion to move to 5-0 on the year and to probably slide up in the rankings this weekend.

Once again, the defense deserves the lion's share of the credit.

People will point to the four fourth-down stops by the Bronco "D," but it would be unfortunate if Ellis Powers and gang didn't get credit for a completely dominant performance. Remember Damion Fletcher, the Southern Miss all-world running back? He didn't even crack 70 yards. QB Austin Davis? Try 15-of-30 passing on the night. Head coach Larry Fedora? We're pretty sure he stopped trying after the first quarter.

The defense outshone the offense on this night, and here's the scary thing: the Broncos only need to play one good quarter of offensive football to beat teams. And to be honest, it might even be less than that.

Boise State's offense was sleepwalking through the first quarter, woke up during a 24-point second period, then went back to bed and took a second-half nap for the rest of the game. And still the Broncos won by three scores. Whenever it is that the Bronco offense starts hitting on all cylinders, there are going to be some scary final scores put on the scoreboard. Did somebody say 73-7? Was that you, Nevada?

What follows are some quick-hit thoughts on the Bronco win. There will be much, much more on Monday, and it will probably be much, much more coherent.

Where was Ellis Powers last year? ... Quiet night for Jeron Johnson in the quarterback-maiming department ... the Southern Miss passing game never really stood a chance against Kyle Wilson and Brandyn Thompson, but it was cute of them to try ... someone has to ask if WAC officials were getting paid a commission on personal fouls and holding calls ... no Titus Young, but more than enough Jeremy Childs ... we like this version of Austin Pettis; let's bring him back next game ... sounded like Steven Reveles and Billy Winn were more than capable at the defensive tackle position ... the more chances Doug Martin has to be on the field, the better off the world is ...

Pardon us while we catch our breath.

No 100-yard rushing night for Ian Johnson, but he and the RBs did look better tonight ... way too many little mistakes for the Bronco offense: fumbles, penalties, losses ... wonder how much the absence of Chris O'Neill hurt the Broncos ... we'd be curious to see the Broncos face a real quarterback at some point this season (oh wait, they play in the WAC, never mind) ... ho hum, Kellen Moore threw three touchdown passes, ho ho hum ... George Iloka's big hit was downright Jeron Johnson-like ... let's hear it for Southern Miss drives stalling in Bronco territory ...

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section. We'll be back Monday with more breakdown. See you then, Bronco fans.