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David Augusto versus Todd Harris: not all that close

Someone just raised the bar on David Augusto.

ESPN will be sending its B-minus team to Boise on Friday for the Hawaii-Boise State game, and this time they're bringing sideline reporter Todd Harris along. He's heard so much about this Boondocks place.

Hawaii @ 16 Boise State (ESPN, 6pm)- Joe Tessitore, Rod Gilmore, Todd Harris

Harris will have a chance to lay down the hammer on KTVB's sideline maven David Augusto, who has been less than informative so far this season. Harris, a regular on ABC and ESPN broadcasts and, from the looks of things, the complete opposite of Augusto, could rewrite the sideline standards for all Bronco broadcasts in the future.

Just how far apart are Augusto and Harris? Well, the only way to find out is to break things down scientifically. Here's how the two stack up at the tale of the tape.


Job title
KTVB Sports Director,
volunteer Coach Pete masseuse
ABC/ESPN sideline reporter,
journalism major

Looks like
A hobbit
A movie star

Makes his home...
In Ian Johnson's mother-in-law apartment, unbeknownst to Ian Johnson
Wherever the news takes him

Typical sideline reporting includes
Assertions that players in street clothes will not be returning to the game

Career highlight
That one time Coach Hawkins told him a joke and they laughed together, like best friends would laugh
Working the NBA playoffs

What he'll be doing after the game
Hanging out in the quad, hoping players come by and want to hang out
Preparing for a weekend matchup between Big Ten schools

Auggie, Gusty, Beanbag, Frodo
Harry, the Todd, Rob Stone

Mortal enemy
Joe Hughes
Erin Andrews

Best feature
Job security

And there you have it. In a landslide, and to nobody's surprise, Todd Harris seems entirely more capable of sideline scoops than Augusto. Enjoy Harris' knowledge and professionalism on Friday; it won't be around forever.

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