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Chase Holbrook for Heisman! Wait, which Heisman?

With the New Mexico State game coming up on Saturday, we thought it might be time to check in with our friends at and see how things are going.

Turns out, not very good.

Holbrook's Heisman campaign seems to have hit a rather large bump in the road - the bump being Holbrook. NMSU's legendary (their words, not ours) quarterback is not exactly putting together the type of year that warrants Heisman-worthy hype. But don't take our word for it. Take the stats from the front page of Holbrook's Heisman website.

  • Total offense: 19th

  • Total passing yards: 21st

  • Passing yards/game: 10th

  • Passing efficiency: 27th

  • Completion percentage: 28th

  • Touchdown passes: T-17th

Even finding uplifting quotes about the senior QB is difficult. Is that Graham Watson we see?
"When healthy, he has the ability to repeat his 4,619 yard (70 percent completion rate) sophomore campaign." -- Graham Watson,, 2008

Unless Holbrook has some kind of phenomenal end to his season, it appears that the $9.95 per month spent on Holbrook4Heisman will have been spent in vain. What a shame. That's why we at OBNUG decided to come up with some alternatives for Holbrook's webmasters in hopes that maybe one of these websites will give them the validation they so desperately seek.


  • ChaseHolbrook>






Actually, never mind about that last one. We already own it.

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