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Burning question: will Broncos shut out Spartans?

Boise State is the second-leading scoring defense in the country. They have given up seven or fewer points to all but one of their opponents. Jeron Johnson scares us, and we've never met him in person.

Yet the Broncos are still without a shutout on the season.

Does that change tomorrow night?

The San Jose State offense says yes. QB Kyle Reed seconds that. The Spartans have been winning courtesy of defense and at the detriment of offense. Reed, a third-stringer to start the year, is okay so long as he doesn't need to throw the ball. Sixth-year senior RB Yonus Davis was supposed to be good...five years ago. And the Spartans' best wide receiver, Kevin Jurovich, is out for the year with mono. Yes, that mono.

Here are some fun stats from Spartan games over the past few weeks.

vs. New Mexico State: 50 yards passing

vs. Hawaii: 4-for-17 on third downs

vs. UC Davis: 42 yards rushing
Wouldn't you think a Boise State shutout is in store?

The Bronco defense nods affirmatively.

A shutout is the only accomplishment left for the Boise State "D." They've done pretty much everything else. Forcing turnovers? Check. Fourth down stops? Check. Maiming Russell Hill? Check. The only thing that's left is the shutout, and SJSU offers as good of a chance as anyone.

The Bronco defense matches up well against the Spartans, too. San Jose does not pass well, and the Broncos have one of the best secondaries in the conference. They should be able to bottle up the Spartan passing attack with single coverage. That leaves the rest of the "D" to focus on stopping the run, which is an area where the Broncos have excelled this season. SJSU shouldn't be able to run, and they shouldn't be able to pass. How else are they going to gain yards? Fake rugby punts? Just kidding, Dick Tomey. Forget we said that.

A shutout seems like a good possibility, right?

OBNUG raises Bronco mug in agreement, looking over our shoulder to see if Jeron Johnson is barrelling toward us.

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