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Bulletin board material courtesy of NMSU lineman

Who is Polo Gutierrez?


The New Mexico State offensive lineman took it upon himself to provide Boise State with even more of a reason to roll over the Aggies when he spouted off about a number of different topics, including the Broncos being beatable, the loss to BSU two years ago in Las Cruces, and the greatness of his teammates relative to Bronco players. He was strangely quiet about losing to the Vandals.

Many thanks to Chadd Cripe for organizing Gutierrez's quotes in a manner in which we could easily copy and paste.

-- On No. 11 Boise State: "They’re not unbeatable. I said the exact same thing two years ago and we gave them a game. We showed them that we’re not scared and we’re not going to back down."

-- On Boise State’s 40-28 win in 2006 in Las Cruces: "We had some really bad calls by the officials that we couldn’t deal with."

-- On freshman center Michael Grady: "I think he’s going to have a blowout game against Boise. … He blocked (Nebraska). He blocked the best of the best. … If he can block them, I’m pretty sure he can block anybody in the nation, especially anybody in the WAC."

-- On star wideout Chris Williams: "Boise’s DB’s, even though they think they’re good, I’m pretty sure he’s going to prove to them exactly why he’s an All-American."
If Gutierrez thinks he's the only one capable of ticking people off with words, then he obviously did not know us when we were editors of our high school paper. Two can play at this game, Gutierrez.

Move the Jonas Brothers concert schedule off your Aggie bulletin board. You'll need to make room for this:

-- On No. xx New Mexico State (as per the Sagarin ratings): "They're not very good. We said the exact same thing last year, and we beat them 58-0. We showed them that we're not really even in the same league and we're not going to probably play our starters much longer than a quarter or two on Saturday."

-- On Boise State's 40-28 win in 2006 in Las Cruces: "The Aggies had some really bad calls go their way that they couldn't deal with - like hiring Hal Mumme and letting him install the Air Raid offense."

-- On freshman quarterback Kellen Moore: "I think he's going to have a blowout game against New Mexico State. ... He threw against Oregon. He had 300 yards against the best of the best. ...If he can throw against them, I'm pretty sure he can throw against anybody in the nation, especially anybody in the WAC."

-- On NMSU star wideout Chris Williams: "Chris Williams, even though he thinks he's good, we're pretty sure he's going to find out exactly why Kyle Wilson will be an All-American."
There. Now we're even.

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