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Bronco Nation has some healing to do tonight

Much has been written about the Broncos and the WAC championship and the Broncos losing the WAC championship. We get it. They're motivated. It will be a bloodbath.

But what everyone has failed to address are the feelings of us, the Bronco fans, and the feelings of David Augusto, who refuses to be grouped with Bronco fans because he owns a media pass.

Bronco Nation remembers last year's Hawaii game, too, and it hurts every time that we do. While the players are looking for some revenge against the team that took their WAC title, we Bronco fans are looking for some closure and some confirmation that last year was an aberration and tonight's impending blowout will be the norm. Also, we'd like someone to hold our hand until it's over.

We wish we had written down our feelings after the Hawaii game, and if we had, we imagine they would have looked something like this:

"Dear diary,

Words cannot express how low we feel at this moment. It is as if someone attached a hose to our heart, sucked out all of our hopes and dreams, and replaced them with worry, confusion, and feelings of insufficiency and remorse ... or as if someone stole our Gamecube.

This sucks, pardon our French. We could not feel any worse about life. If it were not for this incredible "Fallout Boy" track, we would seriously consider drinking Mentos and Diet Coke and seeing what happens. What's the point anymore? The Broncos are not WAC champions, which means the world may or may not even be rotating around the sun anymore.

Sigh. We need a Pop-Tart. Is it next season yet?"
As sad as we were at that point, we are just as exuberant now because it is next season, and the Broncos have a chance to enact the revenge we've been waiting for.

How great will it feel if the Broncos walk off the field victorious? As fans, everything will feel normal again. We are not the ones competing for WAC championships and national titles, but that doesn't mean that we don't have anything on the line tonight.

Our bragging rights are at stake.

One thing Bronco fans have always been able to hold over Hawaii fans' heads is the fact that Boise State always beats Hawaii. But for the last 11 months, we haven't been able to do that. We've resorted to celebrating their losses, which is pretty low of us, to be honest.

Plus, the last memory we have of the Broncos and Warriors is a memory we'd just as soon forget. We need a win in a big way tonight so that next time we dream of Boise State football, we don't see Hawaii fans and ti leaves eating away at our souls.

Hopefully all these bad feelings will go away after tonight. Bronco Nation is not Bronco Nation without our supreme confidence and holier-than-thou-ness. For the past 329 days, we have had to live with the horrible fact that Hawaii fans still have the ultimate comeback in any argument between our two teams.

For a few more hours at least.