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Boise State to the Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, etc!'s college football writers had the chance for a midseason redo on their preseason predictions, and safe to say, they got things right this time.

Stewart Mandel and Luke Winn both picked Boise State to make a BCS bowl, with Winn picking the Broncos to make it alongside fellow non-BCS team BYU. Here are the wonderful details:

National title: Texas vs. Penn State
Rose: USC vs. Florida
Fiesta: Oklahoma State vs. Utah
Sugar: Alabama vs. Pittsburgh
Orange: Wake Forest vs. Boise State

National title: USC vs. Penn State
Rose: Alabama vs. Oklahoma
Fiesta: Texas vs. BYU
Sugar: Florida vs. Boise State
Orange: Wake Forest vs. Cincinnati
We would take an Orange Bowl or a Sugar Bowl berth in a heartbeat. And what interesting matchups, too. Would Bronco fans prefer a near-certain victory over Wake Forest or an Oklahoma-esque battle against Florida?

Go ahead and renew our SI subscription, OBNUG intern. They've earned it.

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