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Boise State to the H-Bowl? Are you trying to kill us?

As of this moment, we currently have an e-alert set up on for plane tickets to Miami so that we can watch the Broncos play in this year's Orange Bowl. And then we come across this nugget of awfulness from Brian Murphy's blog:

WAC commissioner Karl Benson estimated the WAC lost about $500,000 by sending Boise State to last year's Hawaii Bowl. He said it cost about $350,000 to send the Broncos to Hawaii and their absence from the Humanitarian Bowl cost another $150,000 in lost revenues...

Ask yourself: Will the rest of the WAC agree to send Boise State to the Poinsettia Bowl when the league can make more money by keeping the Broncos in Boise?

San Jose State believes it could draw a pretty good crowd to San Diego and would draw a dismal crowd in Boise. That would probably be the most profitable scenario for the WAC, even if Boise State would play a 6-6 ACC team in the H-Bowl.

Got to imagine the H-Bowl, which hasn't had the Broncos since 2005, would also like to keep the Broncos home for its bottom line.
Well, that just ruined our evening.

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