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Boise State memorabilia going once, going twice...

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An online fundraising auction? Where do we put our parents' credit card number down?

Boise State is holding an online auction that runs from now until next Sunday, November 2, at, and you can bet that we will be online every day, pining after memorabilia way outside our price range. Like this:

A game football used in Boise State’s landmark 37-32 win over Oregon earlier this season.

The price tag is already up to $260, which is $250 more than what we have in our wallet and in our Boise State annual budgeting allowance as predetermined by our spouse.

There are countless other pieces of Bronco swag, ranging from autographed jerseys and helmets to seats in the loge boxes of the Stueckle Sky Club. There are Bronco posters and tickets to Bronco games and even a trip to a postgame press conference. Surprisingly, "helping Paul J remember where he left his car keys" did not make the list.

But these doozies did.

Dinner with head football coach Chris Petersen and his wife, Barbara, at the Boise State Auction 2009, which will be held May 9, 2009, at The Boise Centre on the Grove.

Minimum bid: $6,000. We are prepared to bid $20 for 10 minutes at Carl's Jr. with just Coach Pete.
Use of a handcrafted Steinway grand piano for up to three months. Courtesy of Dunkely Music, the package includes a professional pianist for a concert or party in the highest bidder’s home or party space.

We should probably get a "party space" first.
Bronco basketball party in Bronco van. Your friends will envy you for ages with this tailgate package at your own home for up to 20 people including food (brats, burgers, chicken, and salad) and drinks (beer and/or soda) for a Boise State Men's Basketball Game with a decked out Bronco Van (a MUST see!!) and big screen TV!!

You mean this van?

Um, no thanks. It is a personal choice of ours never to "party" in a windowless van.

A children’s birthday party hosted by the Boise State gymnastics or Boise State Swimming & Diving teams. The package includes a unique and fun-packed birthday bash in the Boise State gymnastics practice facility or Boise State pool with all the party accessories included.

We would pay not to have this.
Rental of Stueckle Sky Club facilities. The highest bidders will receive access to the sky club’s Skyline Room on the 6th floor for their next party or business event.

Since when are parties and business events mutually excusive?
Artwork by Jane Wooster Scott.

The token rich-person-who-doesn't-care-about-football item.

We'll stick with our Bronco window sticker eBay auction, thankyouverymuch.

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