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BCS update: Rock the proverbial casbah, computers

While the human population continues to blow it when it comes to ranking college football teams, computers are downright infallible, much to the chagrin of future John Connor.

Week two of the BCS standings were released yesterday, and the Broncos climbed another spot up to No. 11 thanks to Ohio State's second loss of the season. Utah, still the highest ranked non-BCS team despite an impending loss that everyone sees coming from miles away, is No. 10.

But here's where things get interesting (and we appreciate readers Mike Rino and Blueturf for pointing it out): Utah and BSU are tied in the computer rankings of the BCS formula. The six polls used to calculate the computer rankings have the Broncos dead even with the Utes and Oklahoma State as the seventh best team in the country.

The tie with Utah is important to note for the following reason: a WAC win is more helpful than a bye. We honestly weren't sure if this would be the case or not. Utah had the week off last weekend while the Broncos gutted out a win over San Jose State. As such, BSU climbed even with Utah.

The Utes are idle one more time this season on a week that Boise State plays: the weekend of November 29th. The Broncos have Fresno State that Friday night, which should certainly be worth more than a bye.

Another reason to like the computers is that they aren't nearly as moved by the play of TCU as everyone else is. The Horned Frogs rolled over Wyoming this weekend, but they actually dropped points in the computer rankings. TCU closed the overall gap between themselves and the Broncos, but that is more a product of their higher ranking in the human polls than anything else.

Which brings us to this: the human polls will be tough to overcome for the Broncos. Until BSU jumps Utah in either the Harris Interactive or the USA Today Coaches polls, passing the Utes will be a tough proposition.

The Computer Age cannot come fast enough.

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