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BCS Bros.: cracking the uncrackable BCS code

Each week, the BCS Bros. will handicap the Broncos’ chances of landing in college football’s ultimate crapshoot. Speaking of crapshoots, the Vandals will also be mentioned regularly. Zing!

The BCS rankings are still two weeks away and there are still a lot of games to be played. No matter. The BCS Bros. already have the BCS figured out this year. And so this week, we've summarized and simplified for our readers the games, rankings, and teams that are relevant to BSU's BCS bid.

Impossible, you say? The BCS is so complicated that its secrets will never be known?

You’re right of course, but we respond by saying that we were actually at the Fiesta bowl, which totally makes us experts on the BCS for eternity. Enough said.

So how simple is it?

  1. BSU undefeated season (BUS) + BYU and Utah loss = BCS Bid

  2. BUS + BYU or Utah loss + three-team at-large pool = BCS BidIf this doesn’t work out then we’re down to:

  3. BUS + Junes Jones public apology for the Sugar Bowl + convincing BSU-friendly analysis on OBNUG + Kellen Moore calling out everyone on Rome = BCS Bid

So basically, Bronco fans need to keep an eye on Utah, BYU, and the second place Big-10 team; their losses are critical. Just as important, cheer for the continued wretched play by ACC, Big East, and Pac-10 conferences. The more these conferences lose, the better the chances of a small at-large pool.

Last Week’s Rundown

In the simulated BCS rankings, Boise State dropped one spot despite a convincing ESPN win. The Broncos have their opponents to thank for this. Oregon, Bowling Green, and Idaho State all lost, which was a blow to BSU’s SOS, and the computers lowered them from No. 5 to No. 9.

This week’s games to watch

New Mexico at BYU
We’re tempted to call this game "the first real test" for the Cougars. But the Lobos, like the rest of BYU’s schedule, just aren’t very good. Graham Watson noted this week that BYU's SOS to date is 116. The BCS Bros. would like everyone to consider this.

Notre Dame at North Carolina
Notre Dame is somehow winning games and could enter the at-large pool if not beaten soundly. Cheer for North Carolina.

Purdue at Ohio State
Ohio State’s success or failure will likely influence Boise State’s BCS hopes. BSU needs them to lose at least once more and finish outside the top 14.

Boise State at Southern Miss
SoMiss comes into the game ranked No. 95 in the simulated BCS rankings. We were hoping that this would eventually be a quality win for the Broncos, but it doesn’t look like this will happen. As usual, the Broncos need to at least cover the spread to move up in the polls or, at least, to prevent a drop.

Vandals Update

A win or close loss to Fresno could be a hallmark victory for the Vandals. Enough to convince BCS voters? Let’s put it this way: like a Shiloh Keo tackle, it can’t hurt.