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AP writer picks Broncos to lose, non sequiturs to win

There's always one person in every group that has to go against the flow simply for the sake of going against the flow. Speak of the devil, here's AP writer Ralph D. Russo now! How's it going, Ralph?

No. 15 Boise State (minus 11 1/2) at Southern Miss

Broncos pounded Golden Eagles, 38-16, in Boise last season ... SOUTHERN MISS 38-30
That was unnecessary.

So let us get this straight: your reasoning for choosing Southern Miss to upset Boise State is that the "Broncos pounded the Golden Eagles in Boise last season"? Come again? That is perhaps the grossest non-sequitur we have seen since the Idaho Vandals hired Robb Akey based on the interviewing skills of his mustache (and his mustache's resume). We would love to be a fly on the wall during Russo's writing process because we're pretty sure it involves looking up the score from last season's games, a giant dart board, and some form of moonshine.

What's worse is that Russo's discrediting is pretty much limited to just the Broncos. The only other upset he picked on Saturday was for Notre Dame to beat No. 22 North Carolina. Other than that, he picked every higher ranked team to win.

When in doubt, trust the dart board. Apparently.

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