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An open letter to our Titus Young jersey

Dear Titus Young jersey,

Due to recent events, we have no choice but to put you in the box with our Cam Hall autographed gameday program and our Aiona Key Jackson's Food Stores football card. Trust us. It hurts us just as much as it hurts you.

But what do you expect? We can't exactly wear you to games anymore. With your namesake's indefinite suspension, you are the modern-day, Treasure Valley equivalent of wearing a giant scarlet "A" around town, and had we read the Crucible, we would understand what that means.

We don't want to have to face the judging eyes and the furtive glances and the fairweather Bronco fans mistaking us for the actual Titus Young. OK. So that last one hasn't happened yet. But we came pretty close this one time in the Boise Towne Square Capz store.

Sorry, Titus Young jersey, but as long as Young is not on the field, you cannot be in our wardrobe. Our Boise State three-piece suit can, but not you.