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Your new Hawaii starting quarterback...

Things went very badly for Hawaii on their trip to Gainesville, bad enough to throw that whole naming a starting quarterback thing out the window and start afresh for their game with Weber State on Saturday. The starter against the Wildcats will be junior Inoke Funaki, pictured here posing for his senior picture or staking his claim to being the least intimidating football player ever.

"I thought Inoke Funaki really earned an opportunity to play this week against Weber State," UH head coach Greg McMackin said after the team returned to Honolulu yesterday. "Inoke really made the most of the opportunity when he was given a chance."

Funaki went 8-for-11, 110 yards and a touchdown in the Warriors' loss to Florida, and looks completely capable to handle things against Weber State should the game come down to a walk-off.

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