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When should we expect Titus Young's apology?

Titus Young was suspended for Saturday's game against Bowling Green, and being the motherly fanbase that we are, we expect an apology.

Go ahead, Titus, whenever you're ready.

We'll just be waiting here, flipping through our JCPenney winter catalog.

/thumbing through pages

/earmarking shower caddie


Hurry up. We have very important, nerdy podcast things to do at 8:45.

That apology isn't coming is it? We feared as much when we got the overwhelming feeling that Young's indiscretion was being quietly and discreetly swept under the rug. Where' the outcry from hyper-sensitive fans? Where's the Chadd Cripe four-page Statesman memorandum? Where's the accountability?

Jeremy Childs didn't get off the hook this easily. When Childs was held out of the Hawaii Bowl, fans stormed the figurative gates of Morality U to find the answers. Was it because the Broncos lost the game that Childs missed? Perhaps if Bowling Green had pulled the upset Saturday night, we would be reading in today's papers about Young's sincere regret for a Guitar Hero party gone bad.

Instead, all we got was "a violation of team rules."

We suppose "team rules" could mean "fumbling twice against a Division I-AA team," but it is highly unlikely that our sophomoric attempts at humor could actually translate into a serious reason for suspension. And really, we don't need to know what Young did (we live vicariously through Kellen Moore, remember?); we just need to know that he's sorry.

Young has become a face of this Boise State team, and regardless of his age or class, he has the expectations of an entire fanbase on his shoulders. There was no uproar when Toshi Franklin and Keith McGowen were suspended for the opener because no one really knew who those two were. Titus Young is different, so we expected a different response.

Specifically, we had the following in mind:

"I'm sorry for my actions that caused me to miss Saturday's game against Bowling Green and for possibly playing a hand in the Broncos' not covering the 17-point spread. I'd like to thank the Bronco fans for their continued support, especially those funny guys over at OBNUG. I read your blog every day.

"If anyone is interested, I will be at the Country Club Reel tonight watching Hancock with Austin Pettis and Tanyon Bissell. You all are invited. I will bring yogurt raisins."

Now, would that have been so hard?