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When good ideas go bad: the new BSU wallpapers are here

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Boise State released new Bronco wallpapers recently, much to the delight of Bush Hamdan's immediately family and Photoshop enthusiasts everywhere.

Several of the wallpapers are highly stylized versions of Boise State football, including but not limited to Hamdan taking snaps under center. The rest are motivational, graphical, or just plain strange pics of loosely associated Bronco logos, terms, and phrases. Cohesion certainly was not part of the marketing team's plan.

Yet we are still intrigued, and we can't help but be drawn to the new wallpapers. They are overproduced yet professional. They are fakey yet realistic. They are completely and utterly staged and some of them don't even feature Boise State players, yet for some reason we've already downloaded all seven and emailed them to our contact list.

The wallpapers, which are available at, are nothing if not interesting. Here is the collection.

An anonymous offensive lineman - what an appropriate metaphor.

Why, it's a still image right out of Chadd Cripe's dreams!

The role of tackling dummy was played symbolically by Paul J. Schneider.

OK, couple of things: 1. Why is his face blue? 2. Why is he leering at our icon list?

What is this all about? It's like the mutant CGI love child of the Stueckle Sky Club and the BroncoVision screen.

Jeremy Childs was not considered for this wallpaper.

"Every rep counts"...unless you're doing steroids like that guy is.