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Weekend viewing schedule: Good-bye wives and kids

There will be plenty of football to watch on TV this weekend, especially with the NFL season officially kicking off, and it is with that in mind, that we at OBNUG would like to remind our loyal readers to not neglect those that you love. Unless you love Lee Corso, in which case you're good.

For family men, single guys, interested ladies and even you Corso-addicts, here is a guide to the games that are worth watching this weekend. We'll have the comment thread open tomorrow to discuss.

Open your Microsoft Outlook calendars...and...begin!

Friday Night:

  • Navy at Ball State 5:00pm ESPN
    Navy's Shun White rushed for 348 yards last week. Keep him away from WAC defenses!


  • BYU at Washington 1:00pm FSN
    Wait, didn't another non-BCS contender go into Washington early in the year last season only to come out with a loss? No seriously. We have blocked it out of our memory.

  • West Virginia at East Carolina 2:30pm ESPN
    ESPN's Graham Watson will love you win or lose, East Carolina. You are precious to her.

  • Idaho State at Idaho 3:00pm Altitude
    We do not get Altitude both in a Dish Network sort of way and in a viability sort of way.

  • LaTech at Kansas 5:00pm FSN
    Taylor Bennett may need to complete a few more than 33 percent of his passes against the Jayhawks.

  • Minnesota at Bowling Green 5:30pm ESPNU
    Last chance to see the Falcons in action before they visit Boise. We're sure Minnesota will do its best to make them look good.

  • Miami at Florida 6:00pm ESPN
    Tim Tebow looks to make the state of Florida his own personal towel boy.


  • Seattle at Buffalo 11:00am FOX
    Thanks for nothing, local FOX affiliate.

  • Fresh air 5:30pm Outside
    If not sooner, hopefully.