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Three ways to watch Idaho State vs. Idaho

'Who's winning the match, pop?'

With the Broncos on a bye, we've adopted Idaho State as our team of the week, courtesy of their being likable and their playing the Vandals. Bengal pride (through the weekend)!

Of course, we're going to need a way to catch the Bengals in action if we're to truly root the same way we root for the Broncos: belligerently and with much criticism of the officials. Driving to Moscow is out of the question. We are allergic to rednecks and illiteracy. Fortunately, there are other ways to watch, listen, and enjoy. Clear your calendars for Saturday at 3:00pm.


The game will be broadcast on Altitude, presumably after airings of Colorado Avalanche practice and before darts. We don't really know; we've never watched Altitude on purpose before.

  • Dish Network, channel 410

  • DirecTV, channel 681


There is something that exists called the Vandal Radio Network, and for better or for worse, our antennas pick it up here in the Treasure Valley.

  • KGEM 1140 - Boise, Nampa, Caldwell


The game is available on ESPN360, which is some sort of web-based sports channel that carries events too obscure for TV. Funny how an Idaho game ended up on it.

  • ESPN360 is available through the following Internet services: Verizon, Frontier, AT&T Yahoo (SBC)