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WAC recap: not an especially good week for anyone

If you take away Boise State's win over Bowling Green, the WAC went a Cam Cameron-esque 1-5 on Saturday, causing WAC commissioner Karl Benson to immediately issue a press release stating that his conference is still better than the Sun Belt. Probably.

Even worse, that one victory on Saturday was from San Jose State in a game against the soon-to-be-folding San Diego State football program.

Naturally, as the self-appointed voice of small schools everywhere, ESPN's Graham Watson has a take. Thanks to our readers to bringing this to our attention. Graham writes:

We are the WAC and we are...

...almost out of the national picture.
Any questions? Yeah, we have a lot of questions. Number one: How dare you. /office'd/

The WAC may have been smeared across the landscape of college football on Saturday, but to say that they are virtually hopeless amidst all the other conference back-patting she was doing this morning is reprehensible.

Besides, Western Michigan is a lot tougher than you might think.

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Wisconsin 13, Fresno State 10

To the surprise of no one, Fresno State's difficult schedule did them no favors again in the Bulldogs' quest for a BCS berth. Though they had plenty of chances to win the game, Fresno failed when it mattered most (sound familiar?) and pretty much saw their BCS hopes fade away, sort of like those three missed field goal attempts.

QB Tom Brandstater is not taking things well.

"I'm tired of talking like this. I'm tired of regretting things. I'm just tired of losing games like this when we should win."

A sure cure for losing winnable games? Graduating.

Oregon State 45, Hawaii 7

If the game had ended with nine minutes left in the first quarter, Hawaii would have had this thing. Instead, Oregon State ran off 45 unanswered points, Warrior QB Tyler Graunke left the game with a possibly serious hand injury, and Hawaii gave the rest of the teams on its schedule much less to worry about.

Perhaps head coach Greg McMackin should try wearing a lei on the sidelines ... or a look of competency. Either way, it couldn't hurt.

Nebraska 38, New Mexico State 7

New Mexico State finally played its first game of the season, not that they even needed to. Can't we just put them down for a 3-9 record and call it good?

Chase Holbrook was up to his bad Chase Holbrook ways, completing only 50 percent of his passes and throwing two interceptions. For an encore next week, he will try to literally soil himself in the pocket. The Aggie defense, meanwhile, was charitable to Nebraska's not-so-much-vaunted-anymore running game. The Huskers gained 330 yards on the ground, greatly pleasing Boise State's backup running backs.

Utah 58, Utah State 10

Brent Guy had an especially bad week. After we wrote about a disgruntled fan calling him out on a blog, Guy watched his Aggie team fail miserably at home to in-state rival Utah. Then after the game, Guy compared the Utah State football program to the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center on 9/11. We have nothing more to add.

San Jose State 38, San Diego State 10

"Look out for the Spartans," said nobody.

Beating up on San Diego State put the Spartans at 2-1 on the season and has some in San Jose thinking bowl game. We're thinking 2-10, but maybe that's just us.

QB Kyle Reed seems to be the Spartans' starter from here on out, so at least SJSU has that going for them. We'll see if they're for real when the WAC schedule rolls around.

Missouri 69, Nevada 17

The final score pretty much says it all. But if you want some AP writer to say more, here's the game recap.

Western Michigan 51, Idaho 28

Apparently, the Vandals had this game in hand before letting it slip away. Yeah, sure, whatever.

A Nathan Enderle pick-six and a fumbled kickoff return spelled doom for Idaho (Doom, A-K-E-Y, Doom), and those miscues helped turn a 14-14 ballgame into a blowout. For those of you keeping score at home, that is 121 points allowed in two games against Division I-A competition. Also for those keeping score, Arizona lost to New Mexico on Saturday.