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WAC recap: Kaepernick got his good game out of the way

Colin Kaepernick, Nevada's skinny-legged occasional terror of a running quarterback, exploded against the UNLV defense to the tune of 240 yards on 18 carries and three touchdowns. Excuse us while we pee our pants a little.

"It's a great first game against them for me," said Kaepernick, who was the backup to Nick Graziano in last year's 27-20 win. "I still had some stupid mistakes out there, but luckily later in the game I made up for them. When the offensive line dominates like they did, it makes it pretty easy on everybody."

Never mind his pedestrian passing numbers (11-16, 172 yards), the sophomore was downright dominant on the ground, and his 66-yard scamper (this may be the most accurate word ever to define a Kaepernick run) in the third quarter extended the Wolf Pack's lead, which they would not relinquish.

The win moved Nevada to 2-2 on the season, and it provided fodder for experts to consistently pick the Wolf Pack as darkhorses throughout the rest of the season no matter how badly they play. "If Kaepernick did it once, then he can do it again," they'll reason. And by "they," we mean "Mark May."

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