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WAC recap: Idaho loses to the unlose-able

Just when you thought the Vandals were maybe, possibly not as Vandal-y as usual, they go and lose to Utah State. That's more like it!

The Aggies scored 28 unanswered points to close the game and came away with a 42-17 victory and their third consecutive WAC win dating back to last year. Utah State rolled up 580 yards of total offense, including 356 yards on the ground, against an Idaho defense that probably should have tried a little harder. Or at all.

"I wanted to see them steamroll somebody," Aggie head coach Brent Guy said.

Guy went on to add, "I'm just glad it wasn't me."

Idaho actually held a late third quarter lead at 17-14 before Nathan Enderle got involved. His fumble in his own end zone was recovered by the Aggies for a touchdown, and following an Enderle interception, the Aggies scored on the next play to put the game out of reach.

"This football team has to play better than it did," Idaho coach Robb Akey said. "The defense has to stop people. You tackle the guy who has the football. You be where you're supposed to be even if the guy who's usually there isn't."

That doesn't make sense.

The Vandals travel to San Diego State next week in what was, at one point, considered a winnable game. The Aggies have a week off before getting killed by BYU.

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The rest of Saturday's WAC games will be recapped in haiku. Just because.

Fresno State 55, Toledo 54 (2OT)

Rockets no Badgers.
Still Fresno barely gets win.
Better wake Pat Hill.

New Mexico State 34, UTEP 33

Aggies win! (Sort of.)
UTEP is not all that good.
Mumme doesn't mind.

Stanford 23, San Jose State 10

1.5 per rush,
Yonus Davis not helping.
Neither is Tomey.

Lousiana Tech 41, SE Louisiana 26

Tune-up for Broncos.
Derek Dooley probably
hates Taylor Bennett.