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Vinny Perretta chats for 13 minutes, leaves

Vinny Perretta or some Boise State PR intern claiming to be Vinny Perretta was chatting at ESPN today, but if you blinked or turned your head for a second, you might have missed him.

In what was possibly the quickest live chat session in the history of live chat sessions, Perretta burned through fans' questions in a blazing 13 minutes, which is about as long as it takes Graham Watson to figure out which team is her favorite team each week. Helping make Perretta's question conquest go faster were non-stumpers like this:

J.B. (Dunmore, PA): Gotta say that while I'm a Penn State fan all the way, I have a fondness for the boys on the Smurf Turf. Does that field ever distract you guys? By the way, love the Boise State uniforms. Gotta get a jersey for myself.

To Perretta's credit, he did fit 12 questions in, which obviously tells us that he was asked them in advance. Still, considering we were sending in thought-provoking questions like "Who's faster: you or Titus Young?" hours in advance of the chat, we were surprised that none of ours ended up on the list.

Glad to know Bob Stoops got a question in, though.

Bob Stoops (Norman, OK): Ok....this is killing me. The HB option in the fiesta bowl. Did you have it in your mind that you were going to throw it no matter what? Could you have gotten the first down if you had to run it?

We thought Stoops would have asked, "Who was that Marty Tadman guy? He was good."

Did any of you readers and commenters make it in? We would be so jealous.

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