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Vandals set bar impossibly low, even for them

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The Idaho Vandals were supposed to take a step forward this season, but like a vertigo child at a spinning bat race, they still have no idea which direction they're going, much less which direction is forward.

The Vandals lost 70-0 to Arizona on Saturday.

Seventy. To. Nothing.

First off, ...are you kidding us?! We had no idea it was even possible for a Division I-A team to lose to another Division I-A team by that many. The Vandals are a Division I-A team, right? What a disaster.

Second, we believe Robb Akey summed it up best.

"That was a very, very, very poor performance," Idaho coach Robb Akey said. "I am very disappointed. There was nothing we did right."

Even with four "verys," Akey was still guilty of an understatement. The Vandals were outgained by over 400 yards of offense, Nathan Enderle went 10-for-25 for 48 yards and three INTs, and the Vandals turned the ball over five times in the loss. Although, at this point, we're not even sure "loss" is a strong enough word.

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