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Top 26 Poll: Week Three and still no Boise State

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Three weeks into the Bronco Blogger Top 26 Poll and there is still no breakthrough for Boise State. Even the Nevada voter is stumping for them, and they still can't get in. No matter, a good Bowling Green drubbing should do the trick.

For more on the Top 26 poll, visit the poll's homepage. For a breakdown of who voted for whom, download the Top 26 pdf. To complain, leave a comment.

  1. USC (7)

  2. Georgia (5)

  3. Florida

  4. Oklahoma

  5. Missouri

  6. LSU (2)

  7. Ohio State

  8. Texas

  9. Auburn

  10. Wisconsin

  11. Kansas

  12. Alabama

  13. Texas Tech

  14. Oregon

  15. Arizona State

  16. East Carolina

  17. Penn State

  18. BYU

  19. Wake Forest

  20. Utah

  21. South Florida

  22. California

  23. Fresno State

  24. West Virginia

  25. Illinois

  26. Tennessee

Say good-bye to: Tennessee, Boston College, South Carolina

Also receiving love: Clemson, UCLA, Boise State, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma State, Florida State, Arkansas State.

Each week, we pick a member of the voting committee to defend their picks. This week, we decided to force the voter with the strangest votes to explain his line of thinking. That man is OBNUG's Kevan Lee, and his line of thinking could use some work.

Kevan's poll:

  1. LSU

  2. Georgia

  3. USC

  4. Missouri

  5. Oklahoma

  6. Kansas

  7. Ohio State

  8. Florida

  9. Texas

  10. Auburn

  11. Arizona State

  12. BYU

  13. Oregon

  14. Wisconsin

  15. Texas Tech

  16. Alabama

  17. Penn State

  18. East Carolina

  19. Wake Forest

  20. South Florida

  21. Utah

  22. California

  23. Illinois

  24. UCLA

  25. Arkansas St

If you remember, I decided to base my poll on last year's season-ending Top 25. I felt this would be a fair way to take the bias and inequity out of a traditional preseason poll. I did not fully prepare for the consequences of later polls, however.

You may see that I have Florida at No. 8. At least you didn't see them last week at No. 11! But really, with the way that I made things, I couldn't have voted them any higher. Courtesy of their finish last winter, they started lower and therefore must work their way to the top. I owe Tim Tebow nothing.

As far as having four Big 10 teams in the Top 10, I have no excuse for that other than I obviously should watch more Big 10 football than I do.

Here's another interesting one: I have BYU in front of Oregon even though I am 1,000 percent sure that the Ducks would beat the Cougars to a pulp on the field. After BYU's "win" over Washington last weekend, I wanted to drop them like a rock down the rankings, but then I sat there and thought about it. BYU beat a solid Pac-10 team on the road by making plays when they had to. Oregon beat Utah State in Oregon. The ends did not justify the means in my opinion.

East Carolina hit 18th for me because I'd like to see them beat a team they should beat first before I anoint them BCS busters. I'm weird like that. No doubt they'll be favorites in most every game from here on out.

And last but not least, I threw Arkansas State my No. 25 bone courtesy of their fast start. They beat Texas A&M in Week One, and they hung 83 points on Texas Southern on Saturday. I felt this would be my first and only time to vote for a Sun Belt team so I better take advantage while I could.