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Top 26 Poll: Boise State in, Fresno State out, joy

It took four weeks, but the Boise State Broncos have finally cracked their own bloggers' poll. Even better, Fresno's loss at home to Wisconsin put the Bulldogs on the outside looking in. Too bad our poll doesn't count in the BCS formula.

In other team news, Ohio State was punished for losing to USC, Arizona State and Cal took plunges, and someone put UCONN at No. 24 (ed's note: oh wait, that was me). For more on the Top 26 poll, view the poll's home page or download the Top 26 pdf. Here are the official standings.

  1. USC (8)

  2. Georgia (2)

  3. Oklahoma

  4. Missouri

  5. Florida

  6. LSU (2)

  7. Texas

  8. Wisconsin

  9. Alabama

  10. Penn State

  11. Auburn

  12. Texas Tech

  13. BYU

  14. Oregon

  15. South Florida

  16. East Carolina

  17. Utah

  18. Ohio State

  19. Wake Forest

  20. Kansas

  21. West Virginia

  22. Florida State

  23. Illinois

  24. Clemson

  25. Boise State

  26. Nebraska

Say good-bye to: Arizona State, California, Tennessee, Fresno State

Also receiving votes: TCU, Fresno State, Vanderbilt, Oklahoma State, California, Tennessee, Arizona State, Colorado, UCONN, North Carolina

Jason Haberman has the honors of defending his poll this week. But really, any poll with Boise State in it needs no defense. You go, Jason Haberman!

1. USC
2. Oklahoma
3. Florida
4. Georgia
5. Missouri
6. LSU
7. Texas
8. Penn State
9. BYU
10. Wisconsin
11. Auburn
12. Texas Tech
13. Alabama
14. Utah
15. Oregon
16. Ohio State
17. South Florida
18. Florida State
19. Kansas
20. Clemson
21. Tennessee
22. Wake Forrest
23. East Carolina
24. Boise State
25. North Carolina

First of all, I guess I'm one of those voters who will "punish" teams who win but look ugly doing it and/or struggle with teams they should handle. Thus, ECU and Oregon dropping despite pulling their games out at the very end. Another rule I fly by is I don't move teams that did not play. Just because you have a bye or a hurricane doesn't mean you should go up or down. Accordingly, Florida, Texas, and Wake Forest remained where I had them last week.

One other rule I have in play is if you get beat especially badly, or by an especially bad team, I punish thee harshly. So, good-bye to Arizona State and Cal.

Of course, the same goes in reverse. So, the big movers upwards this week are BYU and Utah each jumping 7 spots following their impressive wins. BYU especially, as much as it pains me to say that.

Finally, just because I wanted to, North Carolina snuck in there with a 25. No that is not a typo, and this is not basketball season. I figured if Kevan can vote Arkansas State 25th last week, I can have NC 25th this week for their total dismantling of Rutgers on the road.

I've never bought into the Ohio State hype this year, so they dropped from 11 last week to 16 this week with that "effort" at USC.

Yes, I have Boise State in my poll. But, I guarantee you that if we lose badly next week at Oregon, I will drop them out... as tough as that would be for me.