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Thy loyalty for a pizza: Bronco fans turn on team

What kind of sick, sick world do we live in when Domino's pizza is all it takes to cloud our Bronco devotion? For goodness sake's, couldn't we have at least held out for Idaho Pizza Company?

Pizza, it turns out, and not even good pizza at that, is all it takes to turn a biased Bronco booster into a hardened realist. Brian Murphy is offering fans the chance to win 20 dollars worth of Domino's pizza for whoever guesses closest to the final score of the Boise State - Oregon game. And it is bringing out the worst in all of us.

The predictions are overwhelmingly favoring the Ducks. We've seen such nightmare-inducing scores like 52-17, 38-13, and 45-10, and the post hasn't even been up for 24 hours yet. Kudos to those Bronco fans who stuck with the team and picked BSU to win, but they are being sorely outnumbered. Can we get the Bronco Nation homeland security team on this?

To remedy the onslaught of Bronco doubt, we submitted the final score of Broncos 83, Oregon 0. You can't buy our loyalty with a pizza, Brian Murphy! It will take at least a Blizzard.

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