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The Titus Young scale of forgiveness

When it comes to Boise State football, a couple of things are certain: Kellen Moore giving us goosebumps during each and every dropback and Titus Young fumbling the football while trying to make a play.

We'll get to that first one later, but for now we'd like to discuss Young and his infidelity to turnover margin.

This conversation had to happen once Young coughed up the football twice against Idaho State but was immediately absolved of all wrongdoing by racking up over 100 yards receiving and two touchdowns (one receiving, one rushing). It was as if those fumbles had never happened. Right, Brian Murphy?

It's the football equivalent of that puppy peeing on the floor or chewing your best pair of shoes. Sure you want to scream and yell, but how do you tell Young to stop fighting for every yard?

But obviously, there has to be some repercussions for Young besides extra running in practice or candy bar nicknames. If those fumbles had happened against Oregon, the Ducks would have made the Broncos pay. Even Bowling Green will take advantage of turnovers better than Idaho State was able to.

And therein lies our reason for writing. Much has been made this week about the turnover battle on Saturday, and while a lot of the attention has been on BG's butterfingers, the spotlight should also shine on Young. He's not exactly Mr. Ball Security at this point in his career, and if Falcon coaches realize this, they could use it as a point of emphasis on Saturday.

So what are we to do with Titus Young? Well, as Boise State fanatics, we want to embrace the kid, warts and all. But he's going to have to give back a little. Therefore, we've created the following scale to judge just how much penance Young must pay for each fumble he commits. It's kind of like the old Catholic church, except with fewer rules.

The scale is simple. Young can be forgiven for completing the act associated with his number of turnovers. Try it out on Saturday.

  • One fumble = an 80-yard TD reception from Kellen Moore

  • Two fumbles =an 80-yard TD reception and a score on a reverse

  • Three fumbles = Two TD catches, a rushing score, and a blocked punt

  • Four fumbles = Three TD catches, literally breaking someone's ankles, a punt return for a touchdown, and a two-person act with Vinny Perretta of Springtime for Hitler during halftime

  • Five fumbles = Four TD catches and going out to the movies with us next Saturday night; we're seeing Hancock at the dollar theater

  • Six fumbles = 300 yards receiving, five TD catches, stopping the wave during the third quarter, a Blizzard for everyone in attendance, levitation, and creating a playoff system for college football