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The mustache speaks, demands more Just For Men

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How exactly does one prepare for coming off a 70-0 loss? They don't exactly teach you that in coaching school, now do they?

Which is not to say that we think Idaho head coach Robb Akey went to coaching school. He has done nothing to give us that impression. We're just curious what must go through the man's mind following one of the most humiliating losses in school history at the start of a season that had some Vandal fans thinking optimistically for a change.

'My mustache is folding its figurative arms as well'Well fortunately, we don't have to wonder because Coach Akey and his magical mustache gave some answers to the media this week regarding the Arizona loss and the Idaho State matchup. We took them out of context and added in our own comments below. Enjoy.

I told my players, when they left here yesterday, that the Arizona game was supposed to be history, and I’m trying to make it be the same way for me too, but …

/uncontrollable sobbing
As much as anything a lot of our focus has been put on ourselves right now and learning how to take the way we play on the practice field to get out there and put the same consistency and execution onto the game field.

"It's just that it's so much easier to score on our own defense," Akey added, running his fingers through his glorious lip rug.
Well, nobody did very well. You saw what the scoreboard read, and that was a little disenchanting.

Disenchanting adj : an accurate reflection of just how bad one's team really is
Well, I think the Bengals have got some guys that are running around. They’re playing hard. I know they’re going to be hard to defend. They’re flying around. They’re going to work to be physical.

So basically he knows nothing about the Bengals.
It looks like the running back is a good player to me. I mean, he damn near had 100 yards against Boise (State), and the quarterback seems to be doing things pretty well.

This, after he raved about "those offensive line guys," "what's-his-linebacker-face," and "Punter McLeggy."
I think they’re looking to fix a lot of things as well.

Don't you dare lower our Bengals into your category.

So to summarize, the Arizona loss was crushing, the Vandals look better in practice than they do in games, Idaho State will be hungry for a win, and Akey knows hardly anything about his next opponent.

How disenchanting.

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