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The list: Top 10 ways Kellen Moore spent the bye week

The new face of the Broncos and the new wallpaper of our home computer, Kellen Moore, was a hot topic of conversation after his coming out party against Idaho State. Shoot, he still is a hot topic of conversation in the OBNUG household. And with no game this weekend to give us anything new to talk about, we have to wonder how exactly the freshman phenom spent his bye week.

10. Beating Bush Hamdan in Halo 3.

9. Studying game tape...of the Hills!

8. Helping Jeremy Childs with his homework.

7. Healing the blind.

6. Writing Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin's speech.

5. Getting John Gott a date.

4. Fixing the energy crisis.

3. Making up a lame excuse for why he couldn't go to the movies with us.

2. Exceeding expectations on his dorm room chore list.

1. Declining David Augusto's friend request on Facebook.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.