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The list: Top 10 signs you're in Oregon

As tens upon hundreds of Bronco fans invade Oregon this weekend, we homebodies at OBNUG would like to pay tribute to our liberal neighbor to the West with this week's list, dedicated to the ten stereotypes associated with Oregon that came to our heads first.

10. You can hardly smell Nampa's sugar beet factory.

9. Hemp everything.

8. People wearing Blazers jerseys in the streets.

7. A rally about whales or greenhouse gases or some other liberal, hot-button issue that requires people to carry signs and not shave their armpits or legs.

6. Steve Prefontaine.

5. Really expensive speeding tickets.

4. No Idaho Pizza Companies.

3. "I break for treehuggers" bumper stickers.

2. No sales tax.

1. Hippies.

Can you think of any others? If so, leave your thoughts on our brand, spanking new comments section. We'll give you a free thumps up.