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The list: Top 10 reasons not to attend BSU Homecoming

This weekend's game is Homecoming at Boise State, and as we mentioned earlier in the week, Bronco football players are not terribly interested. Might one of the following reasons be why?

10. David Augusto will probably be there.

9. You are 34 years old, married, and not in college.

8. Two words: Jonas Brothers.

7. Because you'd rather have a fun night out with a bunch of your girlfriends who also didn't get asked.

6. Reruns of the Hills are on.

5. Too busy preparing for the OBNUG live-blog.

4. 7up is not being served.

3. It's taking place at the Baja Fresh across from the stadium.

2. Your duct tape tuxedo is at the cleaners.

1. Agoraphobia.

Did we miss any reasons? Of course we did. Let us know in the comments if you can think of some.