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Two days after, and we're still buzzing

Excuse us for a second.


That's better.

What a win for the Broncos! What a game by the Broncos! This one will live in infamy in Boise State history at least until they win back-to-back-to-back national championships in the next three years. They went into hostile, Pac-10 territory against a nationally-ranked, powerhouse of a football team, and the Broncos didn't blink. What a win.

We wanted to pen some elegant thoughts about a truly memorable game, but we have not even begun to sort out what this win means for the Broncos program or even our personal lives. Therefore, you're getting some stream of consciousness - a glorious, BCS-buster stream of ecstatic, fulfilled consciousness.

That Kellen Moore is good ... Jeron Johnson, too ... The defensive gameplan by the Broncos was fascinating: two linebackers, three safeties. Who does Justin Wilcox think he is? Rex Ryan? ... We enjoyed watching George Iloka grow up before our eyes; seriously, he probably aged two years from the second quarter to the fourth ... the football gods were smiling on the Broncos with some of those fumble bounces they got; it probably helps that Marty Tadman is the King of the football gods ... Welcome back, Jeremy Childs ... speaking of Childs, he was ridiculously great against one of the best secondaries in the nation. Deductive reasoning leads us to believe he is one of the best receivers in the country ... That Vinny Perretta TD gave us chills ... correction, that Vinny Perretta TD is still giving us chills ...

The amazing Mike T. Williams rescue

There are so many people to credit in the Bronco win, but one that we don't want to forget about is Mike T. Williams and one dominant fourth quarter series. The senior DE is not really that great in the run game (unless greatness is achieved by getting blown three yards off the ball), but it is a different story against the pass. With the game at 37-26 and Oregon having just recovered a fumble, the Broncos needed a stop. Enter Mike T.

After Oregon had a first down at the BSU 31, Williams went on a four-play tear - sack, hurry, hurry, hurry, turnover on downs. He owned the Oregon right tackle and spun him around like a pinata (we're so excited we're mixing our metaphors). It was a thing of beauty, and it was clutch, big, and any other word you can use to describe "exactly what the Bronco D needed." We hope someone took him out to ice cream afterward.

Uh-oh. More random thoughts!

Kyle Wilson should be WAC defensive player of the week ... or Jeron Johnson ... or Mike T. Williams ... or Kyle Gingg ... Wrap your head around this: Kyle Brotzman might have provided the biggest lift of the game when he nailed his 51-yard field goal in the second quarter. That gave the Broncos hope that they could score and stay in the game. The rest, as they say, is history ... there was not a whole lot of room to run for the Broncos; credit the body mass of the Oregon D-line ... anyone else wonder what would have happened if Bush Hamdan was the quarterback? ...

Oregon fans need to take their loss and move on

Some Ducks fans are calling the Broncos "dirty," and to that we say, "Puh-leeze." If they are looking for excuses on why they didn't win the game, then yes, it makes sense for them to harp on the fact that the Broncos had two unnecessary roughness calls. But if they are seriously looking for excuses on why they didn't win the game, they should probably ask Mike Bellotti because we're pretty sure he had a hand in it.

Ellis Powers' hit on Masoli was late, but not as late as it looked. On live TV, Powers hitting Masoli looked inevitable because he was running full speed at the Oregon QB when Masoli let go of the ball. On replay, it looked significantly later. Either way, it is by no means a dirty play. It is an aggressive play, and it was a play that set the tone for the defense.

Jeron Johnson's hit was pretty uncalled for, but you can't go around saying that he was head-hunting or looking for a knockout shot. He was just playing his position aggressively, closing on a receiver over the middle. The fact that the refs threw him out exacerbated the hit (by the way, we're not entirely sure you can throw out a guy just like that), but it was certainly not dirty or intended.

Move on, Oregon fans. And enjoy some more random thoughts.

Man, that Oregon punter was bad ... Anyone see Taylor Tharp on the sideline? Like Nick said in the OBNUG live-blog, that was unnecessary ... we can't say enough about Kellen Moore, but we will most certainly try over the next week. For instance, he was such an emotional leader out there; the team just plain responds to him ... we respond to him, too ... good to see so many Bronco fans in the crowd ... we loved the return of the shifting Bronco offense; it was like a blast from the past ... Going under center was nice, too. It seemed to set up the play action much better ...

Q: Would Oregon have blown out the Broncos if Darron Thomas had gone the whole way?

A: Not at all. Oregon fans and media might like to cling to this since it's all they really have to cling to, but it is simply not true. Three reasons why:

  1. The Broncos were playing a cloud defense that left room for underneath, high-completion passes. Taylor Tharp would have looked just as good.

  2. The Broncos hadn't game-planned for him, so he surprised the defense a little. Any time you bring a new guy in, there is a chance he'll be successful at first. He was a wild card.

  3. After three series, Boise State figured him out (turnover on downs, interception). Imagine what would have happened if the game continued.

Coach Pete > Mike Bellotti

The game itself was a pretty even affair throughout most of it. The coaching matchup was not.

The Broncos were well-prepared, had an excellent gameplan, and adjusted throughout the game to take advantage of different matchups. The Ducks came out with a specific plan in mind and were stubborn to change until it was too late. Seriously, did Bellotti really think that running the ball on every single play was going to work? Even when they were down three scores, the Ducks kept running, as if they were getting points for doing read options on third and thirteen.

Credit Bellotti for putting Thomas in the game when he did, but dock him points for making the decision of Harper over Thomas in the first place. Harper looked horrible, and Bellotti did little to help him out. Play action? Screens? And on defense, Oregon never really did anything to disturb Kellen Moore. If their gameplan was to shut down the run, then they were successful. But if they had been paying attention, they might have seen that Moore was tearing them up.

Coach Pete, by the way, was perfect.

Much, much more tomorrow.