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Slim Pickings: The Duck Predicament

Every Week, OBNUG contributor Nick will pick the winners of a handful of Bronco-centric games, using nothing more than his encyclopedic knowledge of college football and good, old-fashioned intuition. He picks against the spread because he hopes to one day be a deadbeat gambler. Now might be a good time to point out that this column is for entertainment purposes only.

We've been thinking a lot about Oregon fans around here lately, maybe a little too much. However, I couldn't help but think about how they were feeling last night watching their rivals take down the might USC Trojans. On one hand a USC loss drastically helps the Ducks' chances at a PAC-1(0) title, but an Oregon State win would probably only make life as a Duck fan in Oregon that much more unbearable. As you can imagine, the indecision made me smile.

Is an unranked team upsetting USC even an upset anymore? Stanford did it last year. Oregon State and UCLA did it the year before. Obviously the players at USC have too much going on each week to deal with things such as watching film, practicing, or writing papers. I'm curious to see where they'll be ranked next week. Hopefully pollsters will be docking more for not playing like a team instead of giving them credit for possibly having the most talented team, player for player, in the country.

Mark Schlabach was nice enough to throw out Boise State in his column this morning. We'll take pretty much anything as long as it isn't Graham Watson.

Off weeks suck. I was going to go ahead and pick the Boise State - La Tech game next week, but there aren't any lines out.

(9) Alabama at (2) Georgia (-7)

The game everyone is talking about this week. It's pretty simple to me. I don't think Georgia is that good. Alabama has been scary good this year. I do hate to put any trust in Nick Saban or John Parker Wilson, but oh well.

Pick: Alabama

(23) TCU at (3) Oklahoma (-18.5)

Oklahoma has looked incredibly dominant so far this year. However, TCU does have history against Oklahoma and have won their last two games in Norman. I don't necessarily believe that TCU can win this outright, but 18.5 points is an awful lot. I'm betting TCU can keep it close.

Pick: TCU

Fresno State (-7.5) at UCLA

Yep, Fresno's still ranked in the AP poll. Yep, it took them 4 OTs to beat Toledo. Yep, they were the only thing keeping me from a perfect week last week. There's a reason that Fresno has never won a WAC title (besides Boise State dominating them), and it has to do with the inconsistency they showed last week. UCLA is bad though, really bad.

Pick: Fresno State

New Mexico (-3) at New Mexico State

Huge intrastate rivalry in New Mexico. Make sure to check out Bleed Crimson for all the coverage you crave. What's that? They care more about volleyball than football over there? I guess if Hal Mumme was our coach, we might feel the same way.

Pick: New Mexico due to Bleed Crimson's apathy

Nevada at UNLV (-4)

It's really difficult to build a national championship resume when other members of your conference don't hold up their end of the bargain. Is it too much to ask for Nevada to be decent and help us out? This will be Nevada's first game in three weeks that isn't against a ranked opponent. I haven't seen anything yet to expect anything different.

Pick: UNLV

Idaho at San Diego State (-11)

Poor Idaho. They just can't seem to catch a break. Making national headlines for all the wrong reasons. Part of me wishes that Idaho was good to have that rivalry that many other teams have. Most of me, however, just wants them to go back to I-AA.

Pick: San Diego State

San Jose State at Hawaii (-3)

Could the time difference, the vacation locale, and the crazy locals throw off San Jose State's game? Nah, Hawaii's going to be all hopped up on Coca-Cola.

Pick: San Jose State

Last week (6-1), Overall (22-8)