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Shades of Kaepernick from Bowling Green's Turner

No Boise State football fan could forget the night of 1,000 horrors that Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick and his skinny bionic legs laid on the Bronco defense last season. No Boise State coach could forget it, either. That's why this offseason there was such a focus on getting better at the linebacker spot and defending the run. Saturday will be a good test to see just how far the Bronco "D" has come.

Bowling Green's Anthony Turner poses a similar threat as Kaepernick; both are running quarterbacks at heart and both can rack up the yards on the ground. Though Turner will start Saturday's game lined up at wide receiver, Bronco fans can expect to see plenty of him behind center, spread-optioning his way around the field.

And if the thought of a running quarterback doesn't make you a little nervous, how about a running quarterback who can beat you with his legs, his arm, and his hands? Get the Mylanta, OBNUG intern!

Turner has a chance to finish his career with an incredible trifecta - 2,000 passing yards (he has 2,153), 1,000 rushing yards (he has 1,212) and 1,000 receiving yards (he has 206). He has accounted for 36 touchdowns in his career, including 19 on the ground.

If only Ryan Winterswyk were here to help. The budding superstart defensive end is questionable for tomorrow's game with a serious case of being too awesome for his knee tendons. That leaves the Anthony Turner Watch in the hands of Derrell Acrey, Mike T. Williams, and gang.

One person back in the fold will be LB Kyle Gingg. We're pretty sure he was on the field when Kaepernick gazelled his way from end zone to end zone, so take Gingg's return with a grain of salt. What will really be interesting to see is how the Bronco coaches plan on defending Turner. Here is some hard-hitting football analysis for you. Be prepared to be hit with knowledge!

  1. Load the box with defenders. Turner was once a starting quarterback, emphasis on the "once." If he lines up at QB, simply make the man throw and hope for the best.

  2. Slant the defensive line. Nothing ruins a spread offense running attack faster than penetration. Good lucking making your read with Sean Bingham huffing and puffing in your face.

  3. Spy Turner with a linebacker. In other words, do what USC failed to do against Vince Young in the Rose Bowl.

  4. Let Aaron Tevis shadow him. Match athleticism for athleticism. Derrell Acrey could probably do the same thing. Wherever Turner goes on the field, let Tevis or Acrey follow. By the end of the game, they should be pretty good friends. Or mortal enemies.

But most importantly, Bronco defense, just don't let Turner pull a Kaepernick on you. We have not recovered enough to see that again already.

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