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Rival blog bet: LaTech Facebook group, it is on!

Over the past few weeks, we have had fun gambling with fellow blogs in our Rival Blog Bet feature. We took it to FalconBlog, and we went all epic on Addicted to Quack. It has been fun.

This week, the task was a little harder. Louisiana Tech, despite being the football home of such luminaries as Terry Bradshaw and Tim Rattay, does not have much of an online presence. In fact, it has virtually no online presence and zero blogs to show for.

So we got creative.

This week's rival blog bet will feature the Bulldogs' Facebook group "Louisiana Tech football fans." Here are some quick stats on the site:

  • Membership: 201

  • Listed as the "official" group of Tech fans.

  • Created by a high schooler.

As per the norm, if the Broncos win, we will get a free post somewhere on their Facebook group, and if LaTech wins, the Facebookers will get a free post on the pages of OBNUG. Good heavens, we sure hope we don't lose this one.

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