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Rival Blog Bet: FalconBlog, it is on!

The battle between Boise State and Bowling Green will take to the web this weekend thanks to a surprisingly friendly wager we made with a Falcons blog.

The stakes: if Bowling Green wins, BJ from the FalconBlog will get a free post on our website. If the Broncos win, we will get a free post on his. Sorry for the extra pressure, Kellen Moore!

Believe it or not, we offered BJ better odds than just a straight up wager. We were willing to gamble on the point spread or Ian Johnson's touchdown runs or virtually anything else he picked (we're nothing if not overconfident). But kudos for him for showing some Falcon pride and betting on the game straight up. That, my friends, is a true fan.

We encourage OBNUG readers to head over to the FalconBlog and see what they're all about. To be sure, their site is a lot more sensible than ours. They have actual number crunching. And the differences don't end there.

  • They are an official member of the CSTV fanblog community. We are waiting for our application to be approved.

  • They vote in a prestigious blogger Top 25 poll. We made up our own because no one invited us to one.

  • They use complete sentences. Us not so much.

Up right now on the site are stories about Bowling Green's offensive efficiency and coach Gregg Brandon's press conference. There are also hints of disrespect as the FalconBlog suspiciously dropped the Broncos out of their Top 25 this week.

It really should be a fun weekend. We appreciate FalconBlog for taking us up on our wager and for putting up with our irreverent blog posts and tongue-in-cheek BGSU articles. It's all in fun...until Saturday.

Go Broncos! Please!

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