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Rival blog bet: Addicted to Quack, it is on!

We have a new bitter blog enemy this week for our Rival Blog Bet. OBNUG readers, please welcome Addicted to Quack. OK, that's enough welcoming. Revert to pithy comments.

We've wagered with our hearts this week, betting Addicted to Quack that the Broncos would pull the outright victory over the Ducks. Who needs 10 1/2 points when you have the beauty and wonder that is Kellen Moore to Titus Young? Besides, after not beating a Pac-10 team on the road in ever, aren't the Broncos due?

The winner of the bet gets a free post on the other's website. We're not bold enough to have already written the thing, but we may already have a rough outline in our head (would a 2,500-word Ryan Dinwiddie movie script be too much?). It should be a lot of fun.

Speaking of blog bets, we won last week's contest with our new friend over at FalconBlog, and we chose to vent about instant replay in our free post on his site. Take a read.

When you're done with that, check out some of the stories up on Addicted to Quack. There's one about how Justin Roper's injury may turn out to be a good thing. Their poll has Boise State sitting at No. 22 in an obvious attempt at false security. And if you don't see anything you like, there's a feature that lets you create your own post. Looks like we'll be winning this bet either way.

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