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Quarterback tips from Bowling Green's Tyler Sheehan

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Ever wondered how to throw a football? (Colin Kaepernick, you can put your hand down.) Well, Bowling Green's Tyler Sheehan is here to help, in the most vague, elementary way possible.

Sheehan, BGSU's starting quarterback on Saturday, gave a local paper the skinny on how he does what he does. Next week: how to fumble away a victory against a beatable Big 10 team!


The first thing I do is make sure I have a firm grip on the ball under the center. I have pretty big hands, so the center snaps me the ball and I usually find the laces pretty easily.
We can hardly palm a mini-basketball. Will this affect our quarterback fundamentals ceiling?


After I take the snap, I drop back usually three, five or seven steps and get into the throwing stance. This is where I read the defense and find my target.
Reading the defense and finding the target are where things usually go wrong for Nathan Enderle.


Once I choose a target, I cock back to throw. The mechanics are important, but depending on where the defense is, I adjust.
Mechanics, Shmecanics. There's some good advice for an eager young ballplayer.


I bring the ball over the top, but sometimes I have to throw sidearm to avoid hitting a defensive player. If all these steps go according to plan, I usually hit a receiver in stride for a nice completion.
Steps go much more according to plan on a giant empty field than they will when Mike T. Williams is wrapped around your ankles.

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