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New commenting system will rock your world

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OBNUG readers, you are special to us. Not in the way that Marty Tadman is special to us, but certainly in the way that our extended family is special to us. We would not be who we are without your input, remarks, and feedback, and you are the reason we write our requisite six posts per day (you, and our part-time work schedule).

To thank you for your participation on this blog, we have a special gift for you. A brand new commenting system! Sorry if you were expecting spellcheck.

This new commenting system is really slick, and we're sure you'll like it. In a figurative sense, it gives you readers and commenters more ownership over the site, and it provides you with an identity at OBNUG that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

The new commenting system is from IntenseDebate. Take a look at how it works.

After each post, there will be a comment area just like before. Simply put in your usual compliment about our writing, enter your name, email address (if you want follow-up comments), and blog url (if you're ambitious, like us). Then, click on the check box that says "Sign up for IntenseDebate." Trust us. You'll want to click the box.

After you're signed up, the commenting universe opens up before you, and you'll feel like you have the world at your fingertips. The IntenseDebate software allows for comment threads, so you can reply directly to other commenters. Plus, you can rate each person's comment with a handy thumbs-up, thumbs-down button. Those ratings work into an overall ranking for your profile. You can become the greatest OBNUG commenter of all-time!

We've imported all the past comments and we think they're all there, but if you find one of your past ones missing, just feel free to repost it.

Head on over to for more details that we probably forgot. Feel free to try it out in the comments below this article, and drop us an email if you have trouble figuring it out.

Hope you like it, OBNUG fans. We think you will.