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Morning paper: Boise State football links 9/9

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Anyone else see Korey Hall's touchdown pass on Monday Night Football last night? It was pretty sweet. Fullbacks aren't supposed to be able to make diving catches against tight coverage in the end zone, but Hall was able to. Naturally, this fact was lost amidst the Aaron Rodgers' love from the MNF crew. Get a room, already.

Here are links to today's most interesting stories:

Vinny Perretta just made blogging 50 percent more cool []
He's not posting five times a day or anything, but give him time. It will come.

Turnovers key to a Saturday win [Press-Tribune]
So says pretty much everything anyone has ever learned about football.

Is that Vandal optimism we hear? [Dailey's Bottom Line]
It's been so long, we doubt we would recognize it.

Michael Choate's cinderella story [Statesman]
From college walk-on to scholarship; he's like the special teams version of Brock Forsey.

Two Vandals get WAC player of the week honors []
Man, Boise State goes on a bye for one week and the entire conference gets flipped upside down.

Guard your knees! Bowling Green brings the injury [BG News Sports]
Apparently, the Falcons have a knack for seriously hurting their opponents.

Tyler Graunke may or may not have learned his lesson []
The formerly suspended Hawaii QB will start against Oregon State.

Bye week took its toll on Coach Pete [Times-News]
Filling "the roll (sic) of spectator" is never easy.