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Morning paper: Boise State football links 9/8

Well, Idaho State did not pull the upset that so many of us anticipated, but they still looked good enough to have us believe that the Vandals should be awful for yet another year. It was fun rooting for the Bengals for one week, but we're more than happy to get back to our Broncos and cheer them on as they get ready to host Bowling Green. More on the Falcons and Broncos later today.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our open comment thread on Saturday. It became our most commented post ever, so congratulations to you and us.

Here are today's links:

Titus Young biography [Press-Tribune]
Remind us never to go visit Titus Young at home.

Vandal victory recap, enjoy while it lasts [Statesman]
Should Idaho really have used its season quota on big plays against Idaho State?

Brian Murphy's semi-live blog of the game [Murph's Turf]
The new go-to place for college football news? Eh.

Breakdown of Idaho - Idaho State game [ISZ]
Conclusion: Idaho is still probably pretty bad.

Yep, East Carolina is off to a pretty good start [AOL Fanhouse]
Sure, they beat two BCS teams back-to-back to open the season, but did they win the Fiesta Bowl on a Statue of Liberty play? We didn't think so.

Extensive feature on Buster Bronco [Arbiter]
If this is the what the bye week, then we don't want any more bye weeks.

JT Ray's preview of Bowling Green [BNN]
Odd that there is no green in their uniforms, no?

Woody Paige did not appreciate Colorado's win [Denver Post]
Well, Dan Hawkins does not appreciate Woody Paige. So there.

NMSU fixes scheduling woes, will play Alcorn State [Bleed Crimson]
Easy I-AA team swapped for easy I-AA team.