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Morning Paper: Boise State football links 9/5

We've got a new poll in the sidebar today regarding Saturday's Idaho - Idaho State game. Vote early, vote often.

Here are today's links on a rather slow Friday:

Boy, that Redskin offense is something, ain't it? [Yahoo!]
We officially regret having Jason Campbell on our fantasy team.

The great BSU condom crisis of 2008 []
Delivered to the masses sans headline pun.

Vandals won't be the butt of any jokes this week [Fight Fight BSU]
Unsightly uniform patch to be removed as it detracts from unsightly play on the field.

Tom Scott, just because [Scott Slant]
Nothing to particular to point out, other than that we really like Tom Scott's Scott Slant.

Behind the scenes of Boise State's no-huddle [Statesman]
Rather interesting view of how the Boise State no-huddle works. And a Dinwiddie reference! picks winners of every college game []
Idaho picked to beat Idaho State. Well, they can't get 'em all right.

Not everyone is thrilled about WAC's new TV deal [Deseret News]
The Deseret columnist does not share Karl Benson's enthusiasm.