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Morning paper: Boise State football links 9/4

We're pretty excited for the start of the NFL season tonight, even if it means the beginning of the slow, painful death of our fantasy teams. For the record, we have three of them, which we believe gives us better odds but may in fact just offer an opportunity to finish last three times. Is starting Jabar Gaffney on two of them a bad sign?

Here are today's links:

Presumptive guesses about a new Bronco TV contract [BNN]
We will remain in KTVB's camp because we never want to doubt David Augusto when something comes between him and his Broncos.

Awful Announcing's reaction to WAC deal [Awful Announcing]
Guess this kills any chance of the WAC starting its own network. Too bad because we were fans of "the Wstrn."

Coach Pete makes bye week practices enjoyable [ESPN]
Coaches running gassers, now there's an idea the whole team can get behind!

Exegetical confidence from Coach Pete's press conference [Arbiter Online]
Read between the lines and he also says he keeps a locket with Marty Tadman's picture inside.

Rather amateur WAC breakdown [Arbiter Online]
Although, when we were writing in college, amateurism was seen as a good thing.

Yep, Kellen's brother is pretty good [Seattle Times]
As in, all-time leading high school receiver in TD catches good.

Tickets for Idaho Hall of Fame ceremony [Statesman]
For $200 they might even let you be inducted.

Peter King likes Ryan Clady [Dave's Blog]
But Brett Favre still remains first in King's heart.