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Morning paper: Boise State football links 9/30

Does anyone else find it strange that September is over today and the Broncos will have only played three games so far? Considering that the Idaho State game was in August, they have only had two games this whole month. Talk about bringing us back slowly.

Much to talk about today with LaTech looming tomorrow. Onto the links:

George Iloka is fast becoming one of our favorite players [Press-Tribune]
And if you ask Marty Tadman, that may or may not be a good thing.

Bronco players have to deal with Thursday classes following the game [Statesman]
Not really, though. They're Division I-A scholarship athletes. Haven't you seen the Program?

Game preview of LaTech vs. Boise State [Total Pro Sports]
Also, probably, gambling advice.

Upset weekend may have helped Broncos keep their focus [Scott Slant]
Focus on winning the national championship!

Boise State on track for forcing more turnovers than ever [Bronco Beat]
Those journalist guys are great with a calculator.

Brian Murphy gets a second crack at this whole WAC thing [Murph's Turf]
Retroactively submits his preseason WAC ballot for posterity sake.

Everything you ever wanted to know about LaTech [Fight Fight BSU]
Provided you only wanted to know ten things (we wanted to know eight, so we're a little sated).

Hawaii's quarterback situation is in shambles [ESPN]
Good thing they're not playing Fresno State this weekend. Oh wait. They are.

Incredibly early BCS rankings [Tell Show BCS]
BSU not yet in the national championship game. Give it time.

Boise State in Bruce Feldman's Orange Bowl [ESPN]
Sponsored by Bruce Feldman.