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Morning paper: Boise State football links 9/3

As the rest of the nation gears up for Week Two of the college football season, Bronco fans just sit back, relax, and hopefully watch some teams above them in the polls come crashing down. This is very similar to how we got into the academic top ten percent of our graduating class.

Here are today's links:

Buy a jersey, send a kid to school [Times-News]
Blowing $60 on a Brotzman #35 never seemed so reasonable.

Tragically placed Vandals logo [Fight Fight BSU]
Or is it appropriately placed? Maybe a little of both.

Tire iron brawl leaves Sooners injured [Yahoo!]
Headline borrowed from postgame of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.

Southern Miss' Damion Fletcher had a good game []
If you consider 200 yards on 20 carries good. Yikes.

Hawaii can dream, can't it? [EDSBS]
Florida website makes small, 46-point mistake with final score.

Idaho avoids bottom spot in Bottom 10 []
The Vandals must be in cahoots with San Diego State.

WAC players of the week []
Two LaTech players receive honors; what kind of upside down world is this?

Press-Tribune piles on the Vandals [Press-Tribune]
At least they could find no fault with Akey's mustache.

QB changes all over the WAC [Statesman]
Soon to be followed by head coaching changes.